FMX1+ - 1W FM Broadcast Exciter

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FMX1+ (1W FM Broadcast Exciter) Details

The FMX1+ is a 1W FM broadcast transmitter/exciter intended primarily for LPON service

The FMX1+ is a solid state 1W FM exciter designed for FM broadcast service.

The heart of the FMX1+ is a microprocessor controlled, low phase noise, phase locked loop. This gives excellent audio performance whilst allowing total carrier frequency flexibility.

The signal from the PLL is amplified up to in excess of 1W by a broadband MOSFET stage. One advantage of this technique is a high level of tolerance to reflected power.

The audio input processors incorporate Bessel anti-alias filters as well as peak limiters.

Central to the operation of the FMX1+ is the microprocessor. Amongst other things, the MPU is responsible for setting carrier frequency as well as the remote control functions.

Forward power, reverse power, peak deviation and carrier frequency are able to be measured and displayed on the front panel or read via the RS232 telemetry function.

All these features and more make the FMX1+ extremely flexible. Over SWR protection is standard.

Each FMX1+ comes complete with extensive documentation covering installation, use, maintenance and trouble shooting.