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RDS () Details

The RDS encoder implements a subset of the RDS/RBDS functions and is an add-on module to allow SRK FM transmitters to broadcast an RDS sub-carrier.

Control is implemented by a set of serial commands specifically for the RDS encoder. When installed within an SRK transmitter, the RDS encoder handles all serial communication. Serial commands that are not recognised by the encoder are passed to the transmitter proper for processing in the normal way.

The output of the encoder is a nominal 2Vp-p 57KHz RDS subcarrier. This is fed directly in to the PLL circuit of the transmitter.

All control values are stored in non-volatile memory for standalone operation. Both RDS and RBDS PTY codes are supported as well as appropriate AF for all ITU regions.

The encoder is able to be retrofitted to all SRK FM transmitters.

SRK also supplies a Windows application which allows users to control the RDS encoder with a GUI. The application allows encoder configurations to be saved or read as files. It also allows in-system firmware upgrades.