About SRK Electronics | Australian Manufacturer of Radio Broadcast Equipment

SRK Electronics is Australia’s leading manufacturer of radio broadcast equipment.

Established in 1999, we have provided quality locally manufactured radio transmitters for hundreds of sites, including commercial, community, NGO and government organisations.

All of SRK’s products are designed and manufactured from the component level up. Printed circuit boards are assembled in-house and inspected prior to installation in to equipment. Full electro-static discharge control is employed to ensure our products are free from premature field failures.”

All our products are assembled on-site by highly trained technicians.

After assembly is complete all units are tested to ensure compliance with published specifications. Our extensive range of test equipment, including an environmental chamber for temperature cycling, ensures that all our products perform to the highest standards. Individual test reports are provided with all equipment that we manufacture.


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  • SRK 60
  • SRK 35
  • SRK 76
  • SRK 10
  • SRK 45
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  • SRK 20
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