STLTX - 5W UHF STL Transmitter


STLTX (5W UHF STL Transmitter) Details

The STLTX is a 5W wide bandwidth UHF STL transmitter which can be operated at any channel frequency in the range 845 to 852MHz.

The 850MHz STL Transmitter and Receiver pair are designed for audio transmission of both baseband and MPX signals.

Both units are fully frequency agile and can be set to any valid channel frequency in the STL 850MHz band. They also both include selectable pre/de-emphasis and 15KHz low pass filters.

The transmitter is rated at 5W and the receiver has an RF sensitivity of better than 3uV.

Low loss cavity filters, as well the use of direct PLL carrier generation ensure that these units will not interfere with adjacent services.

RS232 telemetry for remote operation is included.

The receiver has adjustable squelch muting as well as a squelch relay for main transmitter control or backup audio selection.

Over line voltage, over SWR and over temperature protection are all standard for the transmitter.

Each STL pair comes complete with extensive documentation covering installation, use, maintenance and trouble shooting.

The STL pair is designed and manufactured in Australia and comes with a 3 year warranty.