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SD Audio Playout () Details

The audio playout module allows SRK transmitters to broadcast a series of audio files stored on a single SD card, rather than relying on an external audio source.

The module can be supplied as an option for all of SRK’s transmitters and is fitted internally with external access to the SD card. This allows easy in-field swapping of cards.

Files are stored as uncompressed WAV files using the usual FAT file system, so can easily be written to using a PC.

Up to 255 files can be stored on the SD or SDHC card, thus allowing days worth of audio to be played before repeating.

All files are played sequentially. After the last file is played the module automatically repeats the sequence.

The playout module is highly flexible in operation. Can play a single file or multiple files.

Mono or stereo files are supported as well as all standard sample rates from 8K to 48K. The playout module is designed and manufactured in Australia by SRK.