What our customers have to say about SRK equipment...

  • “They continue to meet and exceed our expectations...”

    When the SA Community Broadcasters Association (SACBA) was looking to stock its equipment bank we chose SRK Electronics for their line of broadcast transmitters/exciters and studio transmitter links. SACBA's 27 member stations are spread across South Australia from Ceduna in the west to Coober Pedy in the north and Mount Gambier in the south. Our SRK Electronics devices travel thousands of kilometres every year and are subjected to far greater stresses than normal, but they continue to meet and exceed our expectations. Their ease of setup makes them very user friendly for stations with limited technical knowledge and the support that the SRK Electronics team has provided us has been exceptional. I have no hesitation in recommending SRK Electronics equipment to any community broadcaster. Tim Borgas, SACBA

  • “Clarity and channel separation is quite amazing...”

    As a small regional Radio Station we really had to get value for money, and more importantly reliability in our harsh conditions. The amp and Exciter have been running for several years now without a hitch, and the clarity and channel separation is quiet amazing. They are great products. 2DRY

  • “A personal and very professional service...”

    RAW FM has been using SRK transmitters for over 5 years now and we are so impressed that we are now looking to switch all of our transmitters over to the SRK Brand. In particular, ….. their cost, performance and reliability of the SRK transmitters have been outstanding. Simon @ SRK provides a personal and very professional service and, whenever I have needed over-the-phone technical support, he has always been there to assist. I have no hesitation in recommending SRK and believe that, for any LPON applications, SRK is the perfect solution. Angy Nacson, RAWFM

  • “An Australian-made transmitter that is hard to match...”

    SRK's FMX10+ transmitter…is a rock-solid performer.  Its telemetry capabilities are probably its best feature in our applications - and provide not-only remote-monitoring but also remote-control of the transmitter.  Combine this with a truly "no questions asked" three-year-warranty, and you have an Australian-made transmitter that is hard to match. LifeInfo Media

  • “100% reliable...”

    SRK provided 3CR with a microwave IF repeater at a fraction of the price of the imported competition.  It provides more useful information on the front panel than the others, and has been 100% reliable.  I especially like the fact that the receiver reads its input directly in dBm, and the transmitter will show actual reflected power, not just flash a warning light. Greg Segal, 3CR

  • “The price is excellent with top performance and 100% reliability...”

    We have a SRK 500w P.A., a SRK STL TX & RX and a SRK 30w stereo exciter and are very happy with all this equipment. The price is excellent compared to overseas products, with top performance and 100% reliability. The units are robust and can handle extremes in temperature. Recently the temperature in our transmission hut exceeded 54 degrees with no problems encountered. Technical assistance for set-up is excellent and provided over the phone by a very competent engineer. SRK’s three year warranty is the best available and repairs, if necessary, are carried out in Australia by the manufacturer. I have no hesitation in recommending SRK Electronics equipment. For further information contact me donnorris@dodo.com.au. Don Norris, Bega Access Radio

  • “Where else can I get three years warranty on Australian made products?”

    I have been dealing with SRK for some years now and found not only an excellent product, price and personal service, but where else can I get three years warranty on Australian made products? Rolf Vaessen, Christian Sites

  • “I'd recommend these to any other broadcaster wanting excellent performance!”

    We use SRK units for both the main STL and main FM transmitter at our station and I'd recommend these to any other broadcaster wanting excellent performance, ease of use and reliability at a reasonable cost. Mat Reid, SWRFM

  • “Equipment totally reliable and the service excellent!”

    We have purchased several transmitters and exciters from SRK over the past 7 years. We find the equipment to be totally reliable and the service to be excellent. This includes offering advice and, in one instance, a loan of transmission equipment when we had trouble in our early days. Ian Braybrook, Castlemaine District Radio

  • “Giving our listeners a better quality signal than before...”

    Back in 2001 after 3NRG had been burgled, (and we lost the lot, including our transmission equipment) the station was therefore in the market for a new transmitter. After much research we came across SRK Electronics offering what we needed (25W FM exciter & 300W amplifier). The specifications were on a par with the imported unit that was stolen at a much cheaper price & also locally made making the decision easier for our small community station. This equipment was in service for almost 10 years without any problem at all. Minor adjustments on setup were just a phone call away. Recently we decided to upgrade, considering the performance of the original unit & its cost, it was only natural we went back to SRK. The new equipment (30W FM exciter & 500W amp) are now giving our listeners a better quality signal than before. A few hiccups on installation, were again sorted very efficiently with SRK’s assistance. Steve Tyers, 3NRG

  • “Access to technical support and an intimate knowledge of the equipment...”

    SRK supplied a new transmitter approx 2009. The new transmitter looked starkly professional amongst our secondhand and homemade equipment. Simon Russell from SRK Electronics has been very obliging and helpful when I was looking for quotes to apply for CBF grants. SRK have been extremely supportive with telephone and/or email advice, in fact Simon was available to our technician at any time of day. Our receiver had to be returned to SRK for minor adjustments and fine tuning during the installation period and there was no extra costs involved with the fine tuning. Because our volunteers have no technical knowledge it is a high priority that we had access to technical support such as SRK who built and have an intimate knowledge of the equipment and are able to make any repairs should the situation arise. OCR FM and I personally thank Simon and SRK Electronics for their patience, care and support. We have no hesitation in recommending anyone to purchase equipment from this company no matter what your technical knowledge. Lila Hester, OCR FM