FMX11+ - 10W FM Broadcast Exciter

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FMX11+ (10W FM Broadcast Exciter) Details

The FMX11+ is a 10W FM broadcast transmitter/exciter which includes an audio processor and peak limiter.

The FMX11+ is a solid state 10W FM exciter designed for FM broadcast service.

The heart of the FMX11+ is a microprocessor controlled, low phase noise, phase locked loop. This gives excellent audio performance whilst allowing total carrier frequency flexibility.

The signal from the PLL is amplified up to in excess of 10W by a broadband MOSFET stage. One advantage of this technique is a high level of tolerance to reflected power.

The audio input processor incorporates a Bessel anti-alias filter as well as a peak limiter. The peak limiter ensures that deviation in excess of +/-75KHz does not occur, so minimising adjacent channel interference.

Extensive telemetry functions allow output power and peak deviation to be read or programmed remotely. Reflected power, channel frequency and amplifier temperature can also be read, as well as allowing the front panel to be locked for non-secure locations.

Over line voltage, over SWR and over temperature protection are all standard.

Careful output filtering ensures that no harmonics exceed -75dBc, so ensuring freedom from interference issues often associated with transmitters of other manufacture.

Each FMX11+ comes complete with extensive documentation covering installation, use, maintenance and trouble shooting.

The FMX11+ is designed and manufactured in Australia and comes with a 3 year warranty.