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FMA300 (300W FM Amplifier) Details

The FMA300 is a 300W FM amplifier. This unit is intended to be used in conjunction with the FMX30+.

The FMA300 is a solid state 300W FM broadcast amplifier.  This unit has been designed using the latest in MOSFET technology to ensure high gain and low failure rate.

The FMA300 consists of a power amplifier, switch mode PSU and control, metering and protection circuitry.

The truly broadband design of these units ensures seamless integration into existing broadcast installations and is a perfect choice for those stations wishing to take full advantage of their license conditions.

Each FMA300 has extensive protection against over temperature and power.  A total of 7 parameters are available for measurement on the inbuilt digital display of each module, as well as status indicators for power supply condition and fault conditions.

Each FMA300 comes complete with extensive documentation covering installations, use, maintenance and trouble shooting.