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FMA501 (500W FM Amplifier) Details

The FMA501 is a 500W FM amplifier. This unit is intended to be used in conjunction with the FMX30+.

The FMA501 is a self contained 500W amplifier intended for FM broadcast service. The rugged design and construction of the FMA501, coupled with the most extensive metering and telemetry available, make this unit a first choice for broadcasters.

The FMA501 Consists of two 300W rated MOSFET amplifiers, an efficient 1500W switch mode power supply, output filtering and metering circuitry.

Solid copper heat spreaders are used to ensure an average transistor case temperature of only twelve degrees above ambient.

The following parameters are available for measurement via the front panel or RS232 telemetry:

  • Output forward power
  • Output reverse power
  • Input power
  • Amplifier A heatsink temperature
  • Amplifier A DC current
  • Amplifier B heatsink temperature
  • Amplifier B DC current
  • Amplifier DC voltage
  • AC line voltage
  • Elapsed time in days
  • Time and date

The extensive protection features include: high SWR, high output power, high input power, high temperature and under/over line volts.

The FMA501 comes complete with extensive documentation and a three year warranty.

The FMA501 is designed and manufactured in Australia.